Our Approach

At New Vintage Film, we create amazing digital media for small businesses. That’s all we do.

We know the power that a great video or the perfect social post. We’ve seen too many businesses get by on ‘good enough’ product images, no online strategy or hiring a someone ‘cheap’ & young’ to handle their online presence.

If you’re serious about increasing sales, New Vintage Film is your solution to data driven planning, online strategy, and media creation.

You can get more sales and increase revenues, and we can get you there.

Our Story

While attending ASU’s film school and seeing the huge potential for online media in small businesses, Brady Gillman set out to help them grow by creating great online media. By using the creative skills he learned in life and college, his digital marketing experience, he created New Vintage Film – a all-in-one digital media company.

Focusing on small businesses throughout the Phoenix area, Brady has helped increase sales, tell stories, and grown audiences in a huge number of industries. Each customer has had a unique challenge to overcome and Brady has been able to grow their business or create a solution.

We are focused on your success and helping you to understand the importance of your online business.


Meet the Team

Brady Gillman

Founder & CEO

Brady is a huge nerd… for growing small businesses. Ever since he was young, he was instilled with a passion for small business and entrepreneurship by his father. Taking those lessons to heart, he set out to help others achieve their business goals with his own unique approach to marketing and media creation.

He’s a family man and loves to spend time with his wife, Jenny, and their three kids.

Also a total nerd of other mediums, he loves to talk shop and play all kinds of games. So if you want to talk video games, tabletop board games, Warhammer 40k, pen and paper RPGs or even the latest in pop culture, he’s your man!