Live interaction with an Eager audience

Live streaming allows your company to create powerful brand interactions for your customers, instantaneous feedback and increased sales by creating buzz and demand.
Be prepared for what you want to present, and your audience will be eager to join in on the fun. If you already have a strong online presence, you should seriously consider adding live streaming to your wheelhouse.

Nearly all social platforms allow for live streaming:

  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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SALES SUCCESS THROUGH LIVE STREAMING wanted to increase sales urgency and boost prices in their daily and weekly online auctions. By live streaming mystery box breaks and deal item highlights consistently every week, they were able to increase sales and help consignors move more product. We implemented their custom streaming plan, which included computer hardware recommendations, streaming software, 4K camera support, custom stream graphics, wireless audio, and simultaneous streaming to all of their social platforms!

New Vintage Film – Live Stream