Online video is an unbelievably powerful medium and has only become more important for small businesses.Customers want to get to know you and your products, what your company is all about and what you represent… and they’re out there looking right now! Are you giving them the experience they’re looking for?

Reach the right customers, anytime and anywhere. 

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“YouTube alone has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and each day those users watch a billion hours of video, generating billions of views.” -YouTube, Stats Aug 2017


Pristine Auction wanted to target specific groups of sports fans to increase sales and bid prices on their authentic sports memorabilia. Using their customer data, we were able to create these ads that ran on YouTube and Facebook.

Promote your latest and greatest

Hook your customers in and keep them coming back for more. Your videos should be as unique as your company, and we will work along side you to create a customized video plan that will best suit your talents and needs.

Celebrate your customers

Inland Kenworth of Phoenix wanted to show off the largest truck they have ever delivered – a massive Kenworth C500. This truck was specially purchased to be used at the Freeport-McMoran copper mine in Globe, Arizona. This truck is absolutely massive, and a video was the only real way to showcase it properly!

Teach & Show off what you do best

Shannon Orr is a highly regarded fabric designer that works with bright colors, a positive attitude, and a passion for sharing her love of sewing. In this video series, she wanted to help teach the basics of sewing to her eager audience. No experience necessary, just watch this video and get started creating alongside her!

We’re all human, lets share that is a unique non-profit organization that collects, cleans and redistributes gently used bras to those less fortunate in our communities. They wanted to share their very personal story about how they got started and what drives them to go out and serve those in need with personal dignity items.

Have a little fun

Sometimes you just have to share the good times… and 300 gallons of Diet Coke! Inland Kenworth wanted to celebrate their new location grand opening by having the head of a local organization dunked into Diet Coke while wearing a suit made of Mentos. Crazy to say the least!

Why not share your excitement and passion by capturing it on video. We can do that!